Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick Kubert exercise

Nothing fancy, just a quick twenty minute exercise to get in the Kubert frame of mind. There's several others in the Lesson Three plan, so I'll post 'em as I go through them. Basically it's just inking over Mr. Kubert's pencils in the workbook, but it's still fun. I mean, c'mon, it's Joe Effing Kubert. All the line work is done with a 513 quill, which I just picked up yesterday since Plaza only had two 512s in stock. Thinking I might actually have found my new favorite quill. Holds a tighter line than the 512 and carries more ink, so I don't have to dip as much. Brushwork for all the solid areas.

In other there's nothing on TV tonight I called Mafus to see if he wanted to come over around six tonight for a DOLEMITE/MANOS double-feature. Surprisingly, I haven't heard back from the man. Guess he's got something better to watch...

Decided to do a little more art today as Angie's out house-hunting and Lilah is still napping. Plus, there's a major sporting event today that I forgot about: Rangers vs. Canadiens on NBC. I've dragged my heels on the latest Velocity contest, which is draw anything Kirby created. DEVIL DINO has always held a soft spot in my heart, so I whipped a quick sketch up of 'em and his cohort, Moonboy. All I used was an old brush marker to ink. I'll try to refine and color before Wednesday. (Not holding me breath though.)

Upon actually reading the DEVIL DINO OMNIBUS last night (as there wasn't anything on TV) I couldn't help but notice that there are several glaring errors with my sketch. DEVIL doesn't have flared nostrils such as I gave him and he also has a thumb, which I seemed to have forgotten. I'll see if I can make him look a little more like his regular self tonight.


Matt Wieringo said...

You called?

Nope. Nothing to watch. Unless you like real football.

Leaf said...

Yeah, I left you a message this morning. Unless you've changed your number and didn't tell me. (insert sobbing)

todd said...

hey, christian!

i dig botha these pics! really nice work on them and i don't think i commented on the last page you posted either--all beautiful stuff!
that kubert looks so kubert-y...and devil dinosaur just flat out rocks!

Leaf said...

Thanks, Todd. DEVIL was just what I needed to draw. Been down in the dumps about my art and he was there to pick me up when I needed it. Kinda nice to step away from "serious" comic drawing and just enjoy putting something down on paper.

And congrats on the new site, Todd. Clean, simple and just what the BEDLAM crew needed. Kudos.

Heywood Jablomie said...

nice work there!

i like the line work on the kubert piece, and the dino one is really cool. nice work!! do more fun stuff, and things you like when you can, i think it would help tons!

renecarol said...

Looks great Leaf. Its nice seeing you posting lots of stuff to the blog.

Squeeze said...

Is your caveman dude missing his bits and pieces? Or does he just have a big ink blob instead. Love your nostral-flarin' DD! Nicely done.

BTW- all the phones are in one state of disrepair or another. Can't get messages either- don't know how to operate the new system. Call the mobile though he keeps it turned off most of the time.

somebody said...