Monday, December 08, 2008

Two Candles Old

Today the little Lilah turns two years old. It feels like she should be older though. Maybe it's just that she makes us feel old with all that energy of hers. We observed her birthday yesterday and it started off with a baby all of her own. She'd had so much fun with a friend's baby doll that Angie decided it was high time for Lilah to have one as well. Notice Lilah's mastery of the "I'll hold you by the throat 'til you drink" technique. Impressive, eh?

Before her guests arrived Lilah enjoyed one of her favorite things in the whole wide, wide world of sports: a bubble bath. Then she got all gussied up and awaited her adulation. She also learned that stockings aren't the best footwear to run around on hardwood floors. She bit it hard just as I was warning her that she might want to be careful. Some tears, hugs and shoes later she was back in action.

Aunt Squeeze and Uncle Mafus went above and beyond with the cake and party favors. It was a Curious George extravaganza and everyone had themselves a hoot and a holler.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One more for November

Decided to get off my tuckus and get an entry in for Velocity's latest drawing contest. The criteria this time 'round was to take two characters and merge them together. I took the easy route and went with Man-Thing and Thing, so he could either stay Man-Thing or if you wanted to take it to the limit you could call him Man-Thing-Thing. (That'd be one heckuva Giant-Sized title, eh?)

Took a much simpler route also with this one as the super refined ones that Matt and I had done previously bore no fruit for all our extra labor. Bitter? Perhaps...or Naut?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag Team

Was sketching around Saturday while Lilah was watching her favorite movie in the whole wide world: IRON GIANT. Was just about to start inking when Lilah noticed what I was doing, "Guy-Ant!" and wanted in on the action. Tried holding her hand while she went over the lines, but that didn't last long and she was soon scribbling away. Lost a Pitt Pen in the process, but worth it if it helps keep her interest in art.

Picked up a new, larger sketchbook yesterday as the small one I thought would be easier to cart around is really too small to do anything other than thumbnails and headshots. Also did page layouts for the first issue of THE HOLLOW and want to start cranking on that sucka while we wait for the second part of our 'Haps story. That's all I got.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Drink & Draw

Met the 'Fus yesterday at Legend for a couple local brews and drawing. He threw down the Morbius gauntlet for our subject, which threw me as I kinda know the character, but not really. I had to actually wait for Matt to draw his so I could see what the costume looked like. I kinda gave him Spawn's wraparound cape/collar thing not knowing any better. For not having drawn anything for a couple weeks I don't think it turned out too bad. I definitely need a bigger sketchbook as the little one, while easy to tot around, isn't so great for working up decent drawings.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack The Vote

Don't forget to vote today.

UPDATE: America, we did it. Thank you.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Mad Cow O' Hallowe'en

Since Todd asked...Lilah went in the cow outfit her grandparents bought her last year. She and I went around the block with her Hello Kitty goodie bag while Angie managed the candy back home. Lilah had people running in from their cars just for the chance to give her some candy. (It's true. She was that cute.) She finished the night with her favorite cartoon, Curious George, and that was that as they say.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en

Sorry for the lack of action around here. Been busy with the 'Haps story and obviously can't post that stuff. (Page 6 is done and dusted. Have maybe 2 hours left on the cover.) Sure I could've drawn something in my spare time, but there's been a lot of video games out, too, which have gobbled up those minutes. Plus, there's Lilah.

Speaking of Lilah...this'll be her first real Hallowe'en and she's attending her third such party today at school. Last night to get ready for the Creepy Evening we decided to carve up the pumpkins on our front step. Nothing fancy. I just took a knife and attacked one. Turned out okay for not drawing first. (I'll post a snap later when it's dark and I can take a shot.)

While carving Lilah took great interest in what was going on. This is a snapshot of what happened in the 10 minutes it took to carve up ol' Jack O' Lantern:

Lilah: "I say, father, this strange piece of fruit sure looks orange and delicious. May I sample it?"

Me: "Lilah, you really don't want to do that, honey."

Lilah: "Pish-posh, father. You're such a wet blanket. Variety is the spice of life as they say..."

Lilah: "Zounds, father! This victual tastes wholly unappetizing. I fear I may regurgitate. Thankfully, licking this chair has settled my quarrelsome stomach."

Me: "Told you so."

Lilah: "I shall never doubt you again, father. Your word is gospel."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dolemite mutha@#&*%!

I was just informed that Rudy Ray Moore has passed. Glad I'm wearing black today. Damn.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Anniversary Weekend

Angie and headed off to Charolettesville and Afton on Saturday for an extended weekend to celebrate our third anniversary. (My parents were kind enough to watch wee Lilah for us.) Our first night was spent in Charolettesville since all the B&Bs were booked, but that was okay since we hadn’t had Mellow Mushroom pizza in a long ol’ time and there’s plenty of used bookstores in the downtown strip. (Though the comic shop is now gone.) The Super 8 we stayed at we lackluster, but they had the Sci-Fi channel and a great Mexican restaurant across the street. Rested, we woke up and hit Monticello.

I'd never been to Monticello before, which was rather surprising as my parents constantly dragged us to such places as kids, so it was nice to see something like this with an adult eye. Jefferson was an enlightened soul, but had a few backward ways, especially when dealing with his slaves. For a short tour you gleaned a lot of knowledge about the man and the times. Not sure if it was worth $15 a person, but I'm still glad we went.

After that we headed towards the B&B in Afton, though we stopped at King Family Vineyards first. Angie had been there for her bachelorette excursion three years prior and loved the place as well as its wines. We ran through their wares, grabbed some lunch grub from their fridge and oven and proceeded to eat, drink and take in the gorgeous view. (Sorry, I don't have any pics of the place.) Half a bottle of Cab Franc later, we packed up headed over to Veritas.

Veritas was jam-packed, so after a few minutes of waiting we decided to come back the next day. We'd passed a brewery on the way over, so luckily we said, "Let's got check it out." I say "luckily" because en route we found out that the brewery is closed on Monday and they didn't open until 4pm on Tuesday. I would've been one sad camper. Blue Ridge Brewery is an island of beer in a sea of wine according to the tagline on their door and I'd have to agree with them. Angie and I struck up a conversation with the bartendress and enjoyed ourselves so much that we went back after dinner that night.

We checked into our B&B shortly thereafter (Afton Mountain B&B) and set up camp, crashed and woke up for apricot stuffed French Toast in the morning. To offset all the wine we'd soon be drinking Angie and I headed to Crabtree Falls for a hike. I kept calling it Cascade Falls because I thought it a more appropriate name. What follows are a series of pictures I took before our camera battery died. (I charged the other battery, but forgot it at home.)

There was a Santa Claus looking guy sitting on a nearby bench meditating at the base fall.

The next cascade up was my favorite. Kinda wish I had a sound chip of the falling water to include.

A close up of the second cascade. Love this pic.

Almost to the top.

And finally the view from the top. Shortly after we took this picture a VTOL aircraft went roaring through the valley. Was a bit unsettling.

From there we headed to Veritas and were the only people in the place, which was very nice after the madhouse of yesterday. After sampling and purchasing their wares our stomachs took us to Greenwood Grocery for some of the best sandwiches we've had in a while. (Angie got the Chester and I got the Italian.) We drove like crazy to Pollack Vineyards, so we could sample and get down to eating those lovely sandwiches. Pollack (Everyone hearts Casey!) had tables set up on their patio, so we settled down with a bottle of Vig and took in the sights and grub.

Feeling heady with wine and food we ran back to the B&B to drop off our purchases as not to have them spoil in the heat of the car. More wineries were calling our names, so off to Cardinal Point we went. (The nice thing about Afton/Nelson County is that all these places are within spitting distance of each other.) Another round of samples and an introduction to Obie the Winery Cat found us on our way to Afton Mountain Vineyard. Four vineyards in one day was more than ample, especially after our hike. We took our latest purchases back to the room, Angie napped and I went out for a pizza. We crashed, got up for pumpkin pancakes, hit a farmer's market and headed home to Lilah.

A good time was had by us both and it was extremely hard to come back to the city. We looking to head back for a daytrip with Lilah to hunt up a pumpkin for carving and to score some more Blue Ridge beer (we don't need any wine after all we bought this weekend).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the interim...

As I've been busy with page four and other sundry drawings I figured I'd post this as I don't really have anything else to really show. Kinda like the exclamation point Matt and I received. Page four has been fun so far. Using more quills than marker this time 'round for a more old school look and feel.

Also, played through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. A fun game, but the camera was a little wonky and it didn't really rate a replay. The Force powers are a blast at first, but get very repetitious along with the button combos for taking out mini-bosses and whatnot. If you're a Gamefly member, it's worth a rental, but I can't see dropping $60. (My mistake is your gain.) You could always wait for it do drop in price or try to find the copy I traded in.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Page 2 inks

This has been done since Wednesday (Page 3, too!), but I caught a nasty chest cold/sore throat combination right after that hampered my posting. I think I'll have Matt rescan it as I have to piecemeal the page together and my scanner isn't the greatest to begin with. After that some clean up and we'll be passing it along to Craig and Todd.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Assignment 3 Critique

Joe Kubert makes it look so darn easy. Almost hurts my feelings. Well, maybe it does hurt my feeling just a little bit. He pulls no punches, but that's why I'm taking the course. He's a fount of knowledge and I'd do well to listen to what he has to say. So listen up, people, Uncle Joe is speaking.

Also,I sent a copy of 'Haps #1 with this assignment, hence Mr. Kubert's first comment on the page.

Also also, thanks to everyone on Renfield. Your words were very much appreciated.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Today our sick, little kitteh enters the clearing at the end of the path. That's all I got. (Except that's a very young Lilah doing her best Popeye impersonation while drooling on Angie's shoulder.)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Uno inks

Busy at work, so I'll write something later. In the meantime here's the inks for Matt's first page of our 'Haps story.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"It's like, how much more black could this be?"

"And the answer is none. None more black."

I now return to the 'Haps.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First post of August...

And it only took me three weeks in to do it. A lot going on in the world of the Leafs. Most good, a little bad and some down right rotten. (The rotten being a very sick Renfield, one of our cats.) We're keeping our spirits up and enjoying every day.

Read my horde from the comic shop and couldn't sleep. I blame Doug TenNapel for being such an inspiration. Bought EARTHBOY JACOBUS today and couldn't put it down once I started. I know I've gone on about his work before, but Crom can that man tell a tale. Great stuff as usual and wholly inspiring. Kinda bummed that the glue holding the cover gave out though. Anyway, I messed around a little with this page earlier tonight, but wasn't feeling it and I really wanted to finish it. Mainly to loosen up my drawing hand and arm for some inking. After reading EARTHBOY I just had to finish, so here's the latest assignment for the Kubert course. You've seen the top left and right panel before and I put a little ink of them testing a new brush awhile ago. The middle-top and bottom panel are the newy new stuff. Gonna sling some ink on it tomorrow night and get the ball rolling. Okay, it's late and I'm starting to finally cool off. Peace out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tooth, Ink.

Wanted to get something creative done before the dreaded root canal on Wednesday. Ol' Thing from QuickDraw was a nice little exercise. Kinda wish the flower turned out better, but I can't complain. It was fun slinging with the brush only tonight. Maybe I'll get a chance to color him tomorrow, if it's slow at work or on my day off Wednesday though I kinda doubt I'll really want to do anything after the dentist. Okay, time for Bourdain and Vicodin. Though I don't need one to enjoy the other, if you get my drift. Until next time....

Another Slow Work Day Bonus:

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today is my 34th birthday as the title would imply. Kinda hoping to get something drawn/inked/posted, but as I had to go back to the dentist yesterday for intense pain, found out I need a root canal, which will confirm their theory that the tooth is "condemned," ground down my temporary crown to alleviate some of the pressure and then gave me a prescription for Vicodin...I'm not too sure I'll get anything creative accomplished today. Aside from opening cards and presents that is. Lilah's screeching and Angie's repeating "NO!" so I think I'll sign off for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Without further ado...

I present Tom all inked and dapper from his QuickDraw adventure. Had some fun with him and pretty much stuck with a brush the whole way. Some of the spiky lines are about all I did with a quill. I'd've liked to have had this finished and posted earlier, but my littlest brother and his girlfriend were in town this weekend. Hadn't seen him since I got hitched and that's going on almost three years. Showed 'em some of the sites and we bought and played through Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in an afternoon and evening. Lilah had a grand ol' time with her other uncle, too, which was good 'cuz Angie was at the beach with her posse.

Slow Day At Work Bonus:

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hot Copic

Oh what a weekend. Angie's birthday was the 4th, but the partying started on the 3rd and didn't really stop until yesterday. In between then we had 1/4" splinters in palms, twisted ankles, the return of Lumpy, and plenty of Justice League. Then to top it all off I just had a filling replaced this morning. Need another weekend to recuperate, but that's not happening as Angie's off to the beach this coming weekend with some peeps and I'm home with Lilah. My youngest brother will be arriving Saturday with his girlfriend, so I won't totally be solo all weekend, but it won't be a restful one regardless.

Enough belly-aching. Been playing around with the Copic markers I picked up at Heroes Con. Still learning obviously, but I think I'm getting a little better with 'em. Marked up this prelim sketch for my Thing Quickdraw with some decent results.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

HeroesCon '08 - Photos

As I haven’t gotten around to inking my Quickdraws figured I’d post a few pics that Squeeze was kind enough to take (especially since I forgot our camera). I try to stay out of pics, but when I do get captured I try to make ‘em memorable.

Craig and I mug it up at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. A broken and dislocated thumb makes for a great photo-op.

The Man Hisownself, Mr. Nick Cardy. I think he had just finished telling me about latrines. Looking forward to seeing him again next year.

Dinner at Cosmos with Sharon, Todd and Trish. I blame the jambalaya.

Giving Todd a very serious look later at the hotel bar. This was before some dude thought we were laughing at him and Todd had to defuse the situation with his superior friendly nature.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

HeroesCon '08 - Day Three

Sunday started with little fanfare. No breakfast, though I did drink coffee, which is a rarity for me. Read SHANNA, worked on another sketch and waited for that magic hour of 11am when the convention opened. While in line I recognized a face in front of me - none other than Chris Sims of The Invincible Superblog. I stammered through a greeting and asked if he was drawing Batman yet. (He wasn’t.) I then asked him what W.E.I.R.D. was and before I could blink Jay Potts, his penciller, had placed a HARD ONES ashcan in my grubby little mitts. Nice work and a very nice guy that Jay. We continued to talk as the line moved and eventually parted ways as we hit the floor. I did a quick run over to the ‘Ringo booth for hellos before I had to head up for the inking panel at 11:30.

Not knowing what to expect from the panel, though I was hoping we’d be doing some inking exercises, I got a decent seat and proceeded to work on my Quickdraw idea. Thought I really had a chance today with the QD as I overheard the judges were looking for a drawing that told a story, so instead of humor I was going with a macabre theme today. But those thoughts had to wait as Roy Richardson began the panel. A very soft spoken man it was rather hard to hear him at times. The panel didn’t really teach me much more than I already know through the Kubert book and DVD, but it was good way of spending two hours and not any money. After the panel I headed back down for another quick visit with the gang before hitting Fuel Pizza again for a couple more slices.

I scarfed down my slices in the room and did some more sketching to keep the drawing fresh in my mind and hand. I decided to hunt down Evan Dorkin after talking to him the previous night. He had a small crowd around him, so I waited and picked up a copy of HECTIC PLANET and he was kind enough to do a quick drawing in the book for me. It's always nice to meet someone who's work you've respected and enjoyed and you find that they're good people, too. Makes the world seem a little better.

The hour of the QuickDraw had drawn nigh, so I headed over to try my luck one last time. Hopefully, the fear of an elder god would claim me some sembalance of victory. I present you with Cthulhu:

Hands smeared with pencil lead I headed back down to the floor to check in on the family. Everyone was around except Mafus, so Squeeze gave him a call. He said he’d found something for me and he was waiting in the 300 aisle. I refrained from yelling, “This is Sparta!” and headed over. Seems Mafus had found the volume of JLA ELITE that I was missing, so I snatched it up. Having broken the seal, so to say, I bought a few more items before listening to the list of QuickDraw winners without my name on it. Defeated again, we packed up shop and called it a con.

A quick change and we headed out to the after party at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Shelton Drum's store. Now I love me some Velocity Comics. They keep a mean store, but HAHTF is a flagship store if there ever was one. I could spend days and thousands of dollars in that place. Yowza. Beverages and food were provided, but the BBQ disappeared with a quickness, so we had to go elsewhere if we wanted vittles. Luckily there was a cajun place two blocks down. We hoofed it with a storm threatening and ordered up. The dinner was excellent, though they ran out of bread before we got there (I'm looking at you, Kirkman!), so the meal might have even been better with some baked goodness. We swapped stories and laughs before heading back in the rain.

As we had acquired Uncle Boom (Mark Waid) at dinner (thanks for dinner again, too!) we were even more cramped in the Squeeze-Mobile than before. Mafus and I ended up in the back and I had water running into my arse. Later at the hotel bar I'm sure the wet circle over my rectum raised many an eyebrow, but I didn't let me phase me as I was "assing" people many questions. Todd was handing out Choopie Butt Cards like crazy. It was rather amusing. (He even gave one to Darwyn Cooke.) A few drinks and we all called it a night as everyone was leaving in the morning. No sketching, just a little reading and then lights out.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HeroesCon '08 - Day Two

You may notice a lack of pictures with these stories. Mainly because I forgot my camera. Mafus and Squeeze took plenty and hopefully they’ll be posting them in the coming days.

The second day started with breakfast at the hotel with a small gathering of Mike's friends and family. Todd held court and told us some of Nick Cardy's greatest hits involving latrines, MPs banging on their doors and other things not safe for children. Fortified with our $23 breakfast bar (if I had known it was that much I would've eaten more!) the group dispersed as the pros went to set up and us normal schlubs waited for the gates to let us in.

As I had spent more than I wanted to that first day I tried to curtail my spending, which didn't really work out as I bee-lined to David Crosland and Jim Mahfood's set-up. Jim wasn't there, but David was, so I expounded on his latest series EVERYBODY IS DEAD and picked up an anthology from him, which he was kind enough to do a sketch in. After that I hung out a little at the 'Ringo booth and chatted with my family. Also asked Mr. Cardy about the stories Todd had told at breakfast and ended up hearing about all the latrines he had seen during the war complete with sketches of them and how they worked. Unfortunately, he erased the drawings before I could ask him for them. Would've been a nice conversation piece and keepsake. Since I missed out on that opportunity I decided to not let another pass by so I hunted down the TEEN TITANS SHOWCASE and got Mr. Cardy to sign it for me. He then told me to hunt down a BRAVE AND THE BOLD SHOWCASE that had three issues drawn by him in it, which struck me as odd because 3 issues versus a whole book seemed a little weird, but Nick said, "It's my best work, those three issues."

More Fuel pizza for lunch and a quick stop back to the room to work on today's QuickDraw sketch. Thought I'd mix it up a bit and try a little comedy on the judges today and pay a little homage to Mike as he drew one of the best Ben Grimms around. Here's Momma Grimm's ever-loving, blue-eyed boy:

Of course, I didn't place, but I think the drawing turned out fine and dandy for only having 20 minutes.

My ego slightly bruised I did a little retail therapy and met back with the gang in time for closing and dinner plans. There was a car show going on Saturday and there was this constant bass line that reverberated the entire convention center, but just as we were getting ready to leave the sounds of thunder were heard. A maelstrom had moved in just as the con was ending for the day and we were carrying back portfolios of art. After waiting five-ten minutes Mafus and I decided to make a break for it. He stuffed a portfolio under his shirt, we waited for the light to change and booked. Drenched, but home, I dropped off the art at their room and got ready for dinner at Cosmos.

Side story: While waiting for everybody down in the lobby, Evan Dorkin came up to me and thanked me for wearing my MILK & CHEESE bowling shirt. I've had the thing for years and haven't seen another-ever. Evan clued me that there are probably only a dozen of them left, due to production costs and yadda-yadda. He said he knows everyone with one by name, so I guess I've been added to the list.

The meal was excellent and the company even better (though Squeeze sat at the other table). I had the jambalaya and a couple pints of Skipjack and Bare Knuckle. Was hoping to find Sweetwater 420 down there, but I guess we weren’t close enough to Atlanta for a distributor. We then headed over to see the last two items from the Heroes Auction being sold. Mafus had a commission to work on, so we all headed back for Rum-n-Ginger at the ‘Ringo Room. A couple of drinks, some half-hearted sketch attempts and I crashed with some more DOOM PATROL. Lights outs.

POE: An Ugly Doll (for Lilah)
PUNISHER: Man Of Stone
SLOP: Analecta

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HeroesCon '08 - Day One

The trip down to Charlotte didn't seem to take that long at all. I think it helped that I crashed at Matt and Squeeze's the night before, so we could just get up and roll. Our first stop in Charlotte was, of course, Fuel Pizza. Wolfed down a couple slices and then headed back to the Squeeze-Mobile for unloading. Let me tell you a little secret, those art portfolios may look like they don't weigh much, but when they're full of sweet, sweet 'Ringo art they weigh a ton. We got the booth set up, said hello to our extended family of Todd and Craig, proceeded to hunt down some trade deals and snagged a couple copies of the 'Ringo Tribute book. I then hit the Quickdraw Contest and whipped up a quick Tom from TELLOS.

Of course, I didn't place in the contest, but I did get a free sheet of bristol out of it and art for a blog post. (Expect two more drawings.) After that the show pretty much shut down, we picked up Nick Cardy from the Hilton and headed over to Fuel for the Tribute Book art auction. Todd started us off with some humorous stories of Mike followed by Mark Waid and Mr. Cardy. I ordered some 'za and the auction started. After about 15-20 minutes security came and tried to shut us down. Matt's face went white when sirens started wailing around us, but the situation resolved itself as we weren't actually exchanging money on the property, which was their major bone of contention. The auction wrapped up a few pieces later and I escorted Mr. Cardy back to his hotel. Meeting and getting to know Mr. Cardy was one of the real pleasures of this year's HeroesCon. Funny, genuine and still drawing his rear off, Nick Cardy is always quick with a smile and a story. I'll elaborate more on him as I go through the other two days of the con. Though I will say took us twice as long to walk the block and a half back to his hotel because every ten steps we were stopped by someone wanting to talk to Mr. Cardy. He'd oblige them for a few minutes before saying he was tired and needed to go to bed. Another ten steps and, "Hey, Mr. Cardy!" As the day drew to a close I curled up with some DOOM PATROL and a bottle of water. Halfway through I started kicking myself for not reading these books earlier. Good, crazy stuff and Richard Case can draw his arse off. Lights out until tomorrow.

DOOM PATROL: Musclebound
PERHAPANAUTS - Pages 2 & 3 (1st Issue Image)
PUNISHER: Up Is Down and Black Is White
WHAT IF? A Tribute To Mike Wieringo
WONDER WOMAN: Who Is Wonder Woman?

Monday, June 16, 2008

A few days shy of a month.

As Mafus pointed out to me yesterday, "Dude, you gonna post something or what? It's been almost a month." That statement took me back a bit as I like to think I'm somewhat regular about posting. Guess life's been flashing by too darn much as of late. So without further's a vampiric Hawk-Girl drawn by Uncle Byrnie and inked by yours truly. I still haven't found my original inking gear and was forced to buy a new brush and quills. I tried to ink most of this with a brush mainly because I'm stubborn, but luckily reason took over and I threw some quill work up in it. As with all my stuff I like sections and hate others, but it's been too long since I actually inked I can't complain too hard.

Very much looking forward to Heroes Con this weekend. Not looking forward to the drive though. While it won't be the same I still think a good time will be had by all. Plenty of friends, announcements and celebrations to keep away the gloomy feelings. If you're attending make sure to stop by Mafus' booth and pick up Mike's WHAT IF? tribute book. Then head all the way over (one booth actually) to Craig and Todd's place and spend like crazy.

In other news...if you haven't seen HULK yet, you need to do so. No spoilers, just trust me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two out of three ain't bad

Finally dragged myself away from GTA4 and started on the third assignment from Kubert. Some spelunkers in a cave checking out an unusual formation of crystals. (That's the middle panel, which isn't quite done yet.) The lady sees something she doesn't like. But what is it? Not even I know at this point, but it'll be showing its ugly mug before too long. Stay tuned, true believers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An important man

I'm sure most of you know, but for those who don't, Gene "The Dean" Colan has taken severely ill with liver failure. There's a wealth of happenings and action you can take to help out the Colan family over at Cliff Meth's site. Please stop by and see what you can do to help.

An important book

Some of the best money you'll ever spend is on this here book. Had the wife saying, "Wow." even when I showed her a spread from Kirby's later years when his eyes were starting to fail him. Just incredible. An excellent history of one of the industry's true great.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Mark VIII, Dude

Mafus, Squeeze and I took in Shellhead's flick last night. I'm won't spoil anything, so no worries there. I will say the movie was excellent. Sure there was a scene or two that were, "Huh?" but that's probably just my nit-picky way. Downey, Jr. was perfect as Stark Paltrow was a decent Pepper and Bridges was the Dude. (Well, not really, but in my heart he was.) So go see it, people. Just make sure you stay until the end credits finish.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The worm has turned

Still in the slow, arduous process of unpacking. Think I'd be a lot better off if I didn't own so many books. Cripes. Angie bought me five new bookcases and they're all almost full and I'm only up to "J" in alphabetization. Ugh.

Had a few minutes though yesterday while Lilah was napping and Angie was over cleaning up at the old place, so I plopped down and sketched this nematodic ruffian. Turm as he's affectionately known is second in the food chain under Markul. In fact he's the boogeyman of the children in The Hollow. Sure he looks weak and unassuming, but when his arms start burrowing through you you might change your mind.

I think the drawing also influenced my reading choice last night. Started rereading 'Earthworm Gods' by Brian Keene. (Released as 'The Conqueror Worm' in paperback for some reason.) Probably my favorite of his books so far. His 'Dead' series was fun at the beginning with 'The Rising', but started becoming too formulaic as they progressed ('City of the Dead' and 'Dead Sea').

Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving sure is a howl

As I'll be MIA for a while with the move and all figured I'd drop one more bit of lycanthropy on everyone. Found this while packing. The first werewolf I did after starting Nowere. Inked entirely with a 102 crowquill. Crazy, kinetic stuff.

See everyone is bit. Take care in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One more before the move...

As we close on our house Thursday, work is crazy, Lilah, the Stanley Cup playoffs and life in general blowing up all around us it's been tough to get something down on paper. This charming gentlemen is Markul. He's got a little overbite to deal with along with being a wolfman of sorts. He was sketched during the first two periods of the Flyers/Caps game tonight and Lilah is crying out in her sleep, so I'm cutting this short.

Okay, morning now. Lilah was just having night terrors, which are somewhat normal for kids her age. She's home sick though along with Angie, who was doing her best Exorcist impersonation this morning. Two sick ladies the day before we close on our house and start moving. "Joy," as Stimpy would say.

Well as I started saying last night this hairy gent is the main thorn in our protagonists side in my new story. Not the nicest of people as Elsa will find out. Luckily, she'll have Argus and couple others in her corner when the fur starts to fly.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Ink Teaser

Mafus has the whole inks, which he'll probably post one of these days, but just so's youse know I haven't been totally slack.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brain dead

Watched the remake of Day of the Dead last night with Mafus. Our hopes and expectations were not high as all the reviews we've read pretty much tore it a new one, plugged said new one back up only to tear it out again. Vegetarian zombies, C.S.I. bullshit and the Power of Grayskull were the highlights of this direct-to-video gem. I think that Michael Flatley did the choreography, too. I've never seen so many zombie leaping through the air with such grace. There was even a Spider-Zombie crawling on ceiling tiles. I crap you not. The one plus to take away from this movie is that if zombies ever start to rise, they are very flammable. Like kindling almost, which is surprising considering they're leaking fluids from every orifice and open wound on their bodies. We threw in some Venture Brothers to cleanse our palettes immediately after.

Speaking of the dead...On a whim at my LCS I picked up Everybody's Dead. Mainly, 'cuz I love me some zombies, but also because the comic's drawn by David Crosland. I've only bought one book with his art in it, but was thoroughly impressed with his cartoony style. I've started to drift away from the realistic stuff as you well know and Crosland's style is another push in that direction. The story isn't anything to sneeze at either. A nice cast of clich├ęs with goofy dialogue and violence. It may not be for everyone, especially since it carries a $3.99 price tag as most IDW comics do. But give it a thumb through if you see it on the racks. Issue 2 came out last week, so we're halfway through I believe.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back in slight action

Been busy with packing and whatnot. (10 days until we close on the new house. Yoinks!) Haven't had (or made) much time to draw, but accepted an illustration job which kinda lit the fire under my tush. Here's a couple thumbnail sketches that were approved and I've got to blow up and out. Should be fun.

I've watched a couple stinker horror movies and read a few excellent comics, but work is off the hook today and I'll have to elaborate later.