Monday, April 28, 2008

The worm has turned

Still in the slow, arduous process of unpacking. Think I'd be a lot better off if I didn't own so many books. Cripes. Angie bought me five new bookcases and they're all almost full and I'm only up to "J" in alphabetization. Ugh.

Had a few minutes though yesterday while Lilah was napping and Angie was over cleaning up at the old place, so I plopped down and sketched this nematodic ruffian. Turm as he's affectionately known is second in the food chain under Markul. In fact he's the boogeyman of the children in The Hollow. Sure he looks weak and unassuming, but when his arms start burrowing through you you might change your mind.

I think the drawing also influenced my reading choice last night. Started rereading 'Earthworm Gods' by Brian Keene. (Released as 'The Conqueror Worm' in paperback for some reason.) Probably my favorite of his books so far. His 'Dead' series was fun at the beginning with 'The Rising', but started becoming too formulaic as they progressed ('City of the Dead' and 'Dead Sea').


todd said...

that is a worm!
that is awesome!
and a little scary!
he IS a worm and
his arms are worms too...
if that were coming toward me,
i'd die on the spot.

awesome drawing christian!
hope you're settling in well!

Heywood Jablomie said...

hey a new post!

how's the new hizzy coming along? hope all is well.

this is a cool idea. i was a big fan of the earthworm jim stuff, never heard of those books, i'll have to look for them next time i'm looking for stuff to read!

Leaf said...

I think Turm mainly came about because of a little movie I saw as a kid called 'Squirm.' There's a part when these worms burrow into this chump's face that's always stuck with me. Then those ear things from 'Star Trek II.' Combined those two scenes gave me plenty of sleepless nights.

The new house is progressing. Almost have a living room, which will change Friday when our new sofa arrives. Then our first house guests, my middle brother and his girlfriend, drop in Saturday. Hopefully they won't mind the mess.

Phil said...

The evil worms are already a reality.

Phone the neighbors and lock away the kids

Anonymous said...