Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skullery Maid

Had an idea for a character the other day and was all set to do some sketching. Of course, Lilah wants in on that action, so I didn't get the drawing to the level I wanted, but at least Lilah had herself some fun. (As witnessed by the squiggly lines dancing throughout the sketch.)

Pretty sure the Skullery Maid her is a villainess of some kind. Assassin? Ghost? Maybe once some meddling kids and their dog take the case we'll find out more...

Other than that I've been inking some 'Haps stuff, which I can't show and doing some other freelance illustration stuff. I could probably show them, but they're not that exciting. (Though somewhat profitable!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're back...

Despite dangerous rip currents in the OBX (we witnessed an ocean rescue on Saturday) the weekend was excellent. Weather, company and time was much enjoyed by everyone. Back to business tomorrow night...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss ya, 'Ringo!

As you've probably seen around the internet and various other friends posting and blogs that today is the third anniversary of Mike's passing. Funny how you think you're over something until the actual day pops back up or you're reading an old comic and there's that Marvel 'Ringo memorial page jumping out at you. Stops you in your tracks and you realize just how much the world lost.

Mafus has another excellent remembrance of his brother over on his blog. Pay him a visit and share a memory or leave a kind word.

If you'd care to, you can revisit my thoughts on Mike here.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Old Ones and Bum Wrists

Been sidelined with a strained wrist for the better part of a week. (Save the jokes, por favor.) It's still crunchy, but the pain has diminished enough that I couldn't say no to inking an old drawing. For Cthulhu here I decided to go back to my quill roots. Even threw in some dry brush to jazz it up. All around a fun exercise that I hope to keep rolling along with. Though for Matt's pencils I'll probably stick with the brush and marker routine. (He draws so darn tight.)

Aight, I'm beat. Snoogans.