Monday, July 23, 2007

3rd Beach weekend come and gone

While I didn't get any drawing done (I've been in a bit of a creative slump) I did read Doug TenNapel's latest offering, BLACK CHERRY. I picked up his IRON WEST on a whim many moons ago and got hooked on his quirky style. It was later on I found out that he was the creator of EARTHWORM JIM for all you Sega Saturn (I believe) owners out there. Anyway, back to BLACK CHERRY: great art, great story (though most of his stuff seems rather religion-oriented), and great fun (I had a bit of a laughing fit from one particular sequence). Found it to be wholly inspiring stylistically as I tend to get rather anal about the crispness of lines, which usually leads to loss of energy in the drawing. Doug's quick, kinetic brush work was an epiphany and I hope to translate some of this inspiration into NOWERE this week. Been sitting idle for too long. That whole fear of failing keeping me from starting, which is bullshit on my part, so it's time for a change. If you've got eighteen extra bucks in your pocket I highly recommend BLACK CHERRY.

On a lighter's a pic of the lil' beach bunny. She got to dip her toes into the Atlantic for the first time as the water wasn't too arctic (75 degrees actually), but the waves were too pounding. Felt sorry for the beach. The wind was the major problem this time round. As you can kinda tell from the pic I had to jam the umbrella so it was touching the sand. We didn't even go to the beach Sunday due to it being even windier.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Beachbound with b-day hangover

As it's been a while since I last posted and still needed to come through on that promise of posting what I'd drawn at HeroesCon for the QuickDraw here's the thumbnail for the Spidey/Venom piece I drew on Saturday's contest. Nothing fancy. The final piece was a little tighter, but now lost to the rubbish pile as I forgot to pick it up afterwards. No big loss.

My 33rd birthday has come and gone. Still reeling from all the shots that I seemed to attract yesterday, but I'm not complaining. Cards, loot and a picture of the Birkenstocks Angie would've bought had she gone shopping for me were the score. We'll see how long it takes to actually acquire the sandals as the last time she promised me something it took the better part of a year for it to finally arrive (and as a gift for another holiday). But she's cute, so she gets away with it.

Expect beach pics and hopefully some 20 minute sketches come Sunday or Monday. Peace out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Lazy

No, I'm not describing my drawing habits, but a damn fine band we saw Saturday night. I first saw Big Lazy seven years ago down at Poe's Pub and was hooked. Since then I've kept me ear and eyes out incase they ever came back or out with a new album. Of course, I moved out of the area for a three year span and probably missed them once or twice, but Angie alerted me to their being here and off we went. Of course, we had a little too much fun at the show (we could only stay for half of it due to babysitters) and paid for it the next day (too much good Legend beer), but that's why Sunday is the day of rest. I implore you to give Big Lazy a listen to ( or drop on in next time they're playing in your neck of the woods.

I started inking that Captain piece this morning and hopefully have it finished tonight or tomorrow. I gave up on the Kirby Thor page as the paper I printed it on bleeds like a mutha if I use a Crow Quill. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 4th (or 37th?)

Happy 4th of July everyone. (Also, happy 37th to me lovely wife, Angie.) In keeping with the spirit of the holiday here's the Cap that I drew for the Sunday QuickDraw at Heroes Con lo those many weeks past. I meant to post it sooner (as Denis requested over at Ad Nauseum), but life and everything else keeps getting in the way. Peace out.