Monday, July 23, 2007

3rd Beach weekend come and gone

While I didn't get any drawing done (I've been in a bit of a creative slump) I did read Doug TenNapel's latest offering, BLACK CHERRY. I picked up his IRON WEST on a whim many moons ago and got hooked on his quirky style. It was later on I found out that he was the creator of EARTHWORM JIM for all you Sega Saturn (I believe) owners out there. Anyway, back to BLACK CHERRY: great art, great story (though most of his stuff seems rather religion-oriented), and great fun (I had a bit of a laughing fit from one particular sequence). Found it to be wholly inspiring stylistically as I tend to get rather anal about the crispness of lines, which usually leads to loss of energy in the drawing. Doug's quick, kinetic brush work was an epiphany and I hope to translate some of this inspiration into NOWERE this week. Been sitting idle for too long. That whole fear of failing keeping me from starting, which is bullshit on my part, so it's time for a change. If you've got eighteen extra bucks in your pocket I highly recommend BLACK CHERRY.

On a lighter's a pic of the lil' beach bunny. She got to dip her toes into the Atlantic for the first time as the water wasn't too arctic (75 degrees actually), but the waves were too pounding. Felt sorry for the beach. The wind was the major problem this time round. As you can kinda tell from the pic I had to jam the umbrella so it was touching the sand. We didn't even go to the beach Sunday due to it being even windier.


Brigette Pugh said...

You're not in a slump, you're reloading = ) Got to have some data input once in a while. That's the beautiful thing about writing: reading is kind of like home work.

Glad to see Lilah got out of the house and off the Cabo for part of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beach Bunny looks like Angie. She's got Mom's eyes. What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...