Monday, April 28, 2008

The worm has turned

Still in the slow, arduous process of unpacking. Think I'd be a lot better off if I didn't own so many books. Cripes. Angie bought me five new bookcases and they're all almost full and I'm only up to "J" in alphabetization. Ugh.

Had a few minutes though yesterday while Lilah was napping and Angie was over cleaning up at the old place, so I plopped down and sketched this nematodic ruffian. Turm as he's affectionately known is second in the food chain under Markul. In fact he's the boogeyman of the children in The Hollow. Sure he looks weak and unassuming, but when his arms start burrowing through you you might change your mind.

I think the drawing also influenced my reading choice last night. Started rereading 'Earthworm Gods' by Brian Keene. (Released as 'The Conqueror Worm' in paperback for some reason.) Probably my favorite of his books so far. His 'Dead' series was fun at the beginning with 'The Rising', but started becoming too formulaic as they progressed ('City of the Dead' and 'Dead Sea').

Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving sure is a howl

As I'll be MIA for a while with the move and all figured I'd drop one more bit of lycanthropy on everyone. Found this while packing. The first werewolf I did after starting Nowere. Inked entirely with a 102 crowquill. Crazy, kinetic stuff.

See everyone is bit. Take care in the meantime.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One more before the move...

As we close on our house Thursday, work is crazy, Lilah, the Stanley Cup playoffs and life in general blowing up all around us it's been tough to get something down on paper. This charming gentlemen is Markul. He's got a little overbite to deal with along with being a wolfman of sorts. He was sketched during the first two periods of the Flyers/Caps game tonight and Lilah is crying out in her sleep, so I'm cutting this short.

Okay, morning now. Lilah was just having night terrors, which are somewhat normal for kids her age. She's home sick though along with Angie, who was doing her best Exorcist impersonation this morning. Two sick ladies the day before we close on our house and start moving. "Joy," as Stimpy would say.

Well as I started saying last night this hairy gent is the main thorn in our protagonists side in my new story. Not the nicest of people as Elsa will find out. Luckily, she'll have Argus and couple others in her corner when the fur starts to fly.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Ink Teaser

Mafus has the whole inks, which he'll probably post one of these days, but just so's youse know I haven't been totally slack.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brain dead

Watched the remake of Day of the Dead last night with Mafus. Our hopes and expectations were not high as all the reviews we've read pretty much tore it a new one, plugged said new one back up only to tear it out again. Vegetarian zombies, C.S.I. bullshit and the Power of Grayskull were the highlights of this direct-to-video gem. I think that Michael Flatley did the choreography, too. I've never seen so many zombie leaping through the air with such grace. There was even a Spider-Zombie crawling on ceiling tiles. I crap you not. The one plus to take away from this movie is that if zombies ever start to rise, they are very flammable. Like kindling almost, which is surprising considering they're leaking fluids from every orifice and open wound on their bodies. We threw in some Venture Brothers to cleanse our palettes immediately after.

Speaking of the dead...On a whim at my LCS I picked up Everybody's Dead. Mainly, 'cuz I love me some zombies, but also because the comic's drawn by David Crosland. I've only bought one book with his art in it, but was thoroughly impressed with his cartoony style. I've started to drift away from the realistic stuff as you well know and Crosland's style is another push in that direction. The story isn't anything to sneeze at either. A nice cast of clich├ęs with goofy dialogue and violence. It may not be for everyone, especially since it carries a $3.99 price tag as most IDW comics do. But give it a thumb through if you see it on the racks. Issue 2 came out last week, so we're halfway through I believe.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back in slight action

Been busy with packing and whatnot. (10 days until we close on the new house. Yoinks!) Haven't had (or made) much time to draw, but accepted an illustration job which kinda lit the fire under my tush. Here's a couple thumbnail sketches that were approved and I've got to blow up and out. Should be fun.

I've watched a couple stinker horror movies and read a few excellent comics, but work is off the hook today and I'll have to elaborate later.