Monday, March 08, 2010

Ides o' March

Finally got around to polishing off the inks to Patrick's drawing. Think I got a little carried away at times. Especially with the background. There wasn't one drawn and the liberties I took didn't really pan out for me. Ach! Ink and learn, my friends.

Also finally got some nice weather this weekend and we took advantage of it. Lilah seems to be a bit of a natural when it comes to football. (I speak of the English sort, not American.) Two sunny days of kicking and passing with plenty of deck-time. Sucks to have to go to work on another 66 degree day.

Still plodding away on Zuda. Lost my mojo with these side projects/pieces and utterly missed my March 1st deadline. Shooting for finishing the pencils by St. Pat's and hopefully get a good jump on the inks for an April 1st deadline. Then there's coloring and lettering...