Monday, July 21, 2008

Tooth, Ink.

Wanted to get something creative done before the dreaded root canal on Wednesday. Ol' Thing from QuickDraw was a nice little exercise. Kinda wish the flower turned out better, but I can't complain. It was fun slinging with the brush only tonight. Maybe I'll get a chance to color him tomorrow, if it's slow at work or on my day off Wednesday though I kinda doubt I'll really want to do anything after the dentist. Okay, time for Bourdain and Vicodin. Though I don't need one to enjoy the other, if you get my drift. Until next time....

Another Slow Work Day Bonus:

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today is my 34th birthday as the title would imply. Kinda hoping to get something drawn/inked/posted, but as I had to go back to the dentist yesterday for intense pain, found out I need a root canal, which will confirm their theory that the tooth is "condemned," ground down my temporary crown to alleviate some of the pressure and then gave me a prescription for Vicodin...I'm not too sure I'll get anything creative accomplished today. Aside from opening cards and presents that is. Lilah's screeching and Angie's repeating "NO!" so I think I'll sign off for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Without further ado...

I present Tom all inked and dapper from his QuickDraw adventure. Had some fun with him and pretty much stuck with a brush the whole way. Some of the spiky lines are about all I did with a quill. I'd've liked to have had this finished and posted earlier, but my littlest brother and his girlfriend were in town this weekend. Hadn't seen him since I got hitched and that's going on almost three years. Showed 'em some of the sites and we bought and played through Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in an afternoon and evening. Lilah had a grand ol' time with her other uncle, too, which was good 'cuz Angie was at the beach with her posse.

Slow Day At Work Bonus:

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hot Copic

Oh what a weekend. Angie's birthday was the 4th, but the partying started on the 3rd and didn't really stop until yesterday. In between then we had 1/4" splinters in palms, twisted ankles, the return of Lumpy, and plenty of Justice League. Then to top it all off I just had a filling replaced this morning. Need another weekend to recuperate, but that's not happening as Angie's off to the beach this coming weekend with some peeps and I'm home with Lilah. My youngest brother will be arriving Saturday with his girlfriend, so I won't totally be solo all weekend, but it won't be a restful one regardless.

Enough belly-aching. Been playing around with the Copic markers I picked up at Heroes Con. Still learning obviously, but I think I'm getting a little better with 'em. Marked up this prelim sketch for my Thing Quickdraw with some decent results.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

HeroesCon '08 - Photos

As I haven’t gotten around to inking my Quickdraws figured I’d post a few pics that Squeeze was kind enough to take (especially since I forgot our camera). I try to stay out of pics, but when I do get captured I try to make ‘em memorable.

Craig and I mug it up at Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. A broken and dislocated thumb makes for a great photo-op.

The Man Hisownself, Mr. Nick Cardy. I think he had just finished telling me about latrines. Looking forward to seeing him again next year.

Dinner at Cosmos with Sharon, Todd and Trish. I blame the jambalaya.

Giving Todd a very serious look later at the hotel bar. This was before some dude thought we were laughing at him and Todd had to defuse the situation with his superior friendly nature.