Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Believe it

As it's House Week at Stuga Leaf there hasn't been much time to goof off with movies or video games. (Damn you, Resident Evil 5! Why must you be so addicting?!) So after doing some much needed housework I sat down with my sketchbook and worked on some character designs.

"What character? What story?" you might ask. Came up with the idea of doing an anthology of my horror stories as a graphic novel. I've really been dragging my heels on The Hollow as I don't know where it's going after the first two issues. But this anthology idea really lit the spark. I can do multiple stories in multiple styles and just have fun. It was slow at work last week so I adapted 'Know-It-All' to comic format. Probably one of my favorites and this charming gent is called The Boglin. I really really hope I can keep momentum going on this and get you swept up along with me.

Peace out!