Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the interim...

Still chugging away at the Zuda entry, but already plotting another entry with some cohorts this time. We're trying to figure out the division of labor, so we're doing an inking swap. We both draw a monster menacing a damsel in distress and then the other will ink it. As I was watching BLACK DYNAMITE again, I was in a festive, campy mood and my monster turned into a '50's sci-fi movie monster. I'll post the inks to Patrick's piece once I've finished 'em. And if you haven't seen BLACK DYNAMITE already I highly suggest you rectify that situation. Can you dig it?!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Starting off February right

Here's an uncolored, unrefined piece for the AFRODISIAC contest being held at Velocity. Jim Rugg, one of the authors will be at the shop this Friday for a release party and will be judging the contest: AFRODISIAC vs. (?). I think you can guess who I placed him up against, but there'll be some slight modification with Toho's moneymaker before I'm through.

Still working on my Zuda entry and currently have four pages pencilled and a fifth started, but wanted to get something in the Velocity contest, so Patrick has a solid showing on Friday.

Crazy snow down/up here (guess we're technically almost in the middle) and they're calling for more tomorrow and then this upcoming weekend. Damn. I left the Midwest for a reason.