Thursday, January 08, 2009

1st drawing of the New Year

More a confidence builder than anything really. It's been quite some time since I last posted or drew much of anything. December wasn't kind to me. I was on antibiotics on two separate times and in between those times I had the flu. Robbed me of any drive to draw and depression set in. That and my friend, Anna, asked me to draw something for her, which I've only half-heartedly attempted.

And that brings us to Etrigan here. I received the Kirby Omnibus of The Demon for Christmas and really wanted to do a drawing of him for the blog. Then Mafus did one and the whole depression thing ate away at any endeavor to do so. Anna's deadline was still looming and anything I laid down on paper wasn't cutting it. I was wasting bristol like nobody's business. Then the idea popped in my head to actually do the drawing I wanted to do — Mafus be damned. (Not really, of course.) It was just what I needed. Feeling much better about myself and life in general. Actually looking forward to knocking out Anna's piece now, though that'll have to wait until tomorrow night and this weekend. (Sorry, Anna.)

Colors will come once I've taken care of my looming project. Be on the lookout. Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.

Slow Day At Work Bonus: