Monday, December 08, 2008

Two Candles Old

Today the little Lilah turns two years old. It feels like she should be older though. Maybe it's just that she makes us feel old with all that energy of hers. We observed her birthday yesterday and it started off with a baby all of her own. She'd had so much fun with a friend's baby doll that Angie decided it was high time for Lilah to have one as well. Notice Lilah's mastery of the "I'll hold you by the throat 'til you drink" technique. Impressive, eh?

Before her guests arrived Lilah enjoyed one of her favorite things in the whole wide, wide world of sports: a bubble bath. Then she got all gussied up and awaited her adulation. She also learned that stockings aren't the best footwear to run around on hardwood floors. She bit it hard just as I was warning her that she might want to be careful. Some tears, hugs and shoes later she was back in action.

Aunt Squeeze and Uncle Mafus went above and beyond with the cake and party favors. It was a Curious George extravaganza and everyone had themselves a hoot and a holler.


Heywood Jablomie said...

happy belated b-day.

glad all went well. she's a cute kid-hopefully not too much of a terror though!

renecarol said...

Happy Birthday Lilah!!! Nothing like kids to make us feel old. Lexie is fast approaching 9 - crazy how fast time goes by. And yet most of the time I find myself wondering how she isn't grown yet.

Matt Wieringo said...

Rene, kids are supposed to make you feel young! And, yeah, Mike. Lilah is adorable, isn't she? Looks nothing like Christian.

todd said...

i am so late all over the place...!

happy birthday, lilah!
two candles is good, but three candles--that's when they start driving, right?

sorry i'm late!

Squeeze said...

Lilah is the cutest ever. A good time was had by all.

That birthday cake is cute......who made that for you? Ha ha ha.

somebody said...