Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Kubert Interlude

Received assignment two comments yesterday. Not as bad as I thought they'd be, but still it's a little disheartening how easy they make it look with their comments. Kinda have a "Doh!" moment at what I could've (should've) done. Enough of my belly-aching. Enjoy.


Heywood Jablomie said...

Yeah the pros always make it seem easy right??? Not too shabby though, you seemed to nail it otherwise. Y'know who got to critique it at all? There were a couple of things I got a little chuckle out of in the comments:

1. 'Knowing the proper tool for the right texture'
2. 'Good wood texture'
3. And yeah it's corny, but telling someone who's name is leaf, how to draw one

Glad they liked your fog shot though!

Leaf said...

And I didn't even "make up" that leaf. It was direct from the photo reference I used for the twig. Oh well. And, yeah, the "good wood texture" was the best comment I've had in a long time.

I have no idea who does the critique. I kinda hope it's Joe hisownself. Sure looks like his brush and quill style.

todd said...

it DOES look like joe!
that's so cool!
and, yeah, any kind of comments and criticisms on your own very personal work is hard to take, but i gotta say, whoever DID critique this was at least kind about it and all are good points.
i think that i struggled for years drawing (or writing or acting or whatever...) and would defend myself when people said something was off. i like to think that i've grown since then, into a better person and a better student. it's when i started listening and applied those lessons people were offering me that i really got better at anything i did.
it's very brave and honest of you, christian, to not only take and learn from this critique, but to post them here too. that's awesome!
keep goin'!
it looked awesome to me in the first place! : )

Leaf said...

Thanks, Todd. Being in advertising has helped develop a very thick skin on me, so's I can take some brutal criticism if I have to. Luckily, with whoever is critiquing, that's not the case. So far they've been nothing but helpful and encouraging. I'm excited to start on assignment three, which I hope to make some serious progress on this week. (I'll admit I let the package sit for an hour or so before opening it. I did, but I also didn't want to know.)

Though I thought posting those old 'Unbound' pages required a lot more bravery...

McGill said...

Man...that's cool to get it looked over like that...
Overall, pretty cool piece!

renecarol said...

Yeah - seems like you got some helpful feedback. Its good that it was nice. So what's the next assignment? or did I totally miss that?

Leaf said...

Thanks, McGill.

No, you didn't miss the next assignment, Rene. Haven't gotten around to spilling the beans on it yet, though I did thumbnail 3 or the 4 panels for it last night. Once the Unbound postings are over (one more in fact), I'll start in on the next Kubert piece.

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