Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now back to our regular program

Lovely Page 5 is where we first get a glimpse of Ritual's castle. Awe-inspiring isn't it? Just makes a shiver run down your spine, doesn't it? Not bloody likely. We also get to see the horrible transformation from man to hunter. Lon Chaney wept with envy after seeing this. Note the tortured border on that panel, too. Very old school Image.

Horrible hair, bocce balls and some weird eye tattoo thing pretty much sums up Ritual. Anyone else notice that our protagonist looks just like Hobgoblin, but with a tail? He also likes crapping on rooftops as seen in panel 3.


Heywood Jablomie said...

wanna know what i've liked the most about these pages? the use of all the shadows. i think you did a great job with all of that. and of course the 90's 'metal-shine' outfit rawks!

i was kinda thinking he looked more like an evil moon knight, but i see the knobgoblin too.

Leaf said...

You know, that's the one nice comment I'd always get showing that stuff to people. "Your use of shadows is good." Then it'd turn into a laundry list of what was wrong. Ah, the glory days.

Speaking of evil Moon Knights...he could be the Taskmaster with a tail, too. Shameless, I tell you. Shameless.

Heywood Jablomie said...

i used to love when i would show my stuff to say my art teachers and they'd say 'You did great with blah blah blah, BUT.....' then proceed with that list of wrongs. nowadays i can take the critiques but man i used to get so pissed off when people would tell me where i went wrong.

i can see the taskmaster now too, but this was the 90's where everyone looked shameless! =)

Matt Wieringo said...

Damn, Leaf. You were a prolific sonofagun back then, weren'tcha?

Leaf said...

Yup. The gang was always drawing something, but then again, it was college. No jobs. No kids. No wife (though the girlfriend needed plenty of attention). Miss the productivity of those days something fierce.

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