Monday, January 21, 2008

Slow weekend, but some progress

I've found that trying to become an inker I've gotten to be a lazy penciler, as witnessed by the last panel here. The assignment is to draw a stone fountain in the courtyard of the castle with a mysterious figure approaching it. Not that tough. Don't know why it's taken me almost a year to draw it. At least it's drawn. Tonight I'll ink it and post it as an update.

In anticipation for our "snowstorm" Saturday I picked up a few trades since it was a lean week for my pull-box. Grabbed the last JLA of Mahnke and since I could find any FLASH trades by Kolins I decided to go with some Garth. In other words I grabbed PUNISHER: MOTHER RUSSIA. I've been slowly getting back into Castle's world ever since I picked up BARRACUDA. Goran didn't draw this trade, Doug Braithwaite(sp) did. His style looks familiar, but I can't place it. Sez he drew HULK, which may have been where I last saw his stylings. Excellent, gritty work. It was the one aspect that made me pick this particular book over the others on the shelf. Still have issues with the cover artist, Tim "I photograph my friends and then trace 'em" Bradstreet. Kinda Vanilla Ice, if you ask me.


Matt Wieringo said...

Doug Braithwaite is AMAZING. I've loved his work since I first saw it, with inks by Robin Riggs, back when they introduced Connor Hawke in GREEN ARROW. I was so mad when that book got cancelled. His layouts are brilliant and he manages to achieve a realism with his work without resorting to constant photo reference. I can't figure out why they buried his wonderful work under Alex Ross' painting in JUSTICE. I like Ross, but those are two great tastes that are best enjoyed au naturale.

Don't beat yourself up. Back in the day, a lot of the greats did loose pencils. That was part of the reason for having an inker. Back then, inkers contributed more to the process than just making the lines darker. Look at some of John Buscema's stuff. And he was revered by inkers. I can't imagine it's much fun to ink somebody whose put everything in there already, including line weights.

todd said...

man, that is a gorgeous sketch!
so very basic and true--i love it! and love seeing when an artist shows you the sketch or leaves in the blue lines!
i dig what you got goin' on here, man!
keep it comin'!

Leaf said...

Bill Reinhold was the inker on this series and he did a fantastic job. (At least IMHO.) I'll throw it your way Mafus, if you're interested.

I'm not beating myself up too much about the looseness. Figure it just saves times. Why draw something twice basically? Plus, there's one sample page that came with the Kubert kit that was some real loose pencils of Joe's from some Sgt. Rock issue. Gonna sit on that one awhile though.

Thanks, Todd. Hopefully I can bring it to life later tonight. And I'm with you on the "behind the scenes" thing. Love seeing the creative process of other artists. Very inspiring.

renecarol said...

I was wondering when you were going to share. I'm looking forward to the inks.

Leaf said...

No inks last night. Decided the panel was a little too loose and tightened it up a wee bit. (Basically darkened in the black areas and added more brick detail. Cleaned up the fountain some, too.) Tonight is all about inking. Honest.

Anonymous said...