Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Panel 3 inks

Okay, sat down last night and spent an hour and a half with this puppy. Had THE MONSTER CLUB on in the background and tore through this panel o' mine. Not the greatest, but fun nonetheless. I still will probably go in and add some slight texture to the bricks, but overall I'm ready to move on to the exploding fountain panel with our mysterious hooded figure recoiling from the mighty "KRUMPF!" (yes, that's the sound effect I have to letter in the panel) of the demolition. Should be easy (I hope). I've got plenty of reference via a Hitch page and an Igle page that both sport excellent explosions. (They're also inked by Neary and Stull respectively, too, which helps incredibly.)

Therapy for my bootleg knee starts today. My patella tendon is so tight that it's causing the kneecap to grow more bone where they attach. I've so far developed a spur and ridge, which cause a whole lotta discomfort after any exercise involving legwork. I'm also on Relafen during this treatment, which means no drinking. Ugh. As a Swede (get drunk, go sailing) and an Irishman (get drunk, well, you know) it'll be rough at first, but will pay off in the long run. Hope to have a very productive month as well as slimming.

Back to THE MONSTER CLUB...I haven't seen this flick since I was in the single digits. The camp feel still made it bearable to watch, but most of it was painful. Of course, as a youth it was great fun, especially the last story about the Humghouls, which is still my favorite. The stories also seemed a lot shorter than I remember. The Shadmock story was still unique, but the second story with Pleasance and the B-Squad seemed very out of place. A little too campy, whereas the other two tales actually had a macabre atmosphere. Still worth a Netflixing though.

Until next time, amigos.

Therapy went well. It wasn't much since it was a first visit. Tomorrow's session will probably be more grueling. I even got homework exercises to do. The real good news was they've got their own treatment for inflammation/pain. Some kinda crazy device that forces the medication right to the source of the problem through my pores, taking away the risks of the systemic problems attributed to Relafen. So, it's good news that I don't have to worry about the myriad side effects associated with the drug, which were rather substantial. Plus, I can still have an occasional brew. (Gonna try to not imbibe regularly even with the good news.) Of course, I may end up taking the Relafen anyway as my knee is killing me today. I'm hoping it's just the cold weather affecting it.


renecarol said...

This looks great!

I hope the PT helps for the knee. I'm sure its hard not being able to drink but also sure its a good idea to not mix liquor with meds.

Leaf said...

Thanks, Rene.

True. It's never a good idea to mix meds and booze, especially when your med mixed with alcohol can lead to (rarely fatal) stomach and intestinal bleeding. No thanks. I think I can manage a month on the wagon.

Matt Wieringo said...

Sorry your knee's ailin' ya. As your good friend, I pledge to take up the slack for you so Legend won't go out of business. And they would.

I never saw MONSTER CLUB but I did read the book. Very creepy, clever and a helluva lot of fun. May have to see if I can find it again online.

somebody said...