Friday, January 04, 2008

Slightly as promised...'s a partial of the Demon page I've been inking by Uncle Byrnie. Still have a long way to go with it as witnessed by the "ink in" X's, weak lines and other smears that need attending to, but I promised to post something creative by Friday and the hour is nigh. Especially with the kid in bed and the wife looking to hang out with a comedy (Superbad) and a bottle of wine (and several bottles of beer). I made the mistake of not darkening the original pencil page in Photoshop before printing for the light-table and some of the line work didn't show through, making my job a little harder. Lessons learned and all that rot. Hopefully tomorrow, during naptime, I'll finish this brute and post the whole kit and kaboodle. If not, Sunday at the very latest. (I'll say Sunday as I'll probably won't be able to do clean-up on the page until then.) That said, enjoy your Friday nights, my friends.

UPDATE: Friday night didn't go as planned. Angie severely scalded her hand/finger Friday night and I came down Saturday with a throat thing. Needless to say we've swapped caring for each other. Almost done the page, but will still need another night for the fine tuning and clean up. Found that Sumi ink will melt and smear when used with a light table. There'll be plenty of white opaque on this sucka.


todd said...

man, christian--that's sweet!
i can see you even INKED him in rhyme!!
really, really nice--we gotta get goin' on something!
hope you had a great weekend! talk to ya laters!

Leaf said...

Backatcha and thanks, Todd. Though we'll see how you feel after the big reveal. (Que ominous music.) A little clean up tonight is all that's left after powering through it last night with a little help from THE HOST in the background. Mafus and I weren't too keen on the flick at first, but it's slowly growing on me...HEY WAIT! IT REALLY IS GROWING ON ME! OH N—

todd said...

oh, i'm dying to see that one--i think my niece got it for christmas--i'll hafta borrow.

can't wait to see the finished.

gotta run--too much work!

McGill said...

The Host is good, huh? Gonna have to peruse it I guess...I'm in a funk wanting to see what the CLOVERFIELD monster looks like, but the days are counting down....tired of the rumors...;)

I dig the pic...sure it will be awesome as usual!

Leaf said...

Yeah, Mafus and I are toying with the idea of taking a half day on the 18th to take in an early matinee of CLOVERFIELD. Trying to stay away from the rumors. Wouldn't mind if the Cthulhu one was true, but I'm not holding my breath.

McGill said...

I have to say I do not believe it is Cthulhu, from what i saw of it...well, lets stay away from those nasty rumors...;)

somebody said...