Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whilst I drag my coloring heels

Here's my Colletta treatment of Mafus' Sphinx. Hopefully, the colorized version will be up tomorrow. I've been Super-Dad all weekend since the wife is out for her 15th college reunion, so's my art time has been at a minimum.

UPDATE: The colored version will be another day in coming. Had a wild idea that I want to try to implement. Hopefully it'll work out for the better.

UPDATE 2: It looks like the idea is gonna pass muster. If I didn't have an 8am meeting I'd be up all night knocking it out. Can't wait to get cracking on this tomorrow night.


McGill said...

I hear ya on the dad part...makes everything a rush. Kids have something implanted in them that speeds time up for the parents.

On the inks, I would like to say damn awesome!

renecarol said...

looks great - can't wait to see the colorized version.

emilio said...

You guys make a great team.
That's just awesome. Lookin' forward to da colors.

Leaf said...

I'm a hack, but I appreciate the kind comments.

somebody said...