Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good ol' Emil

Nothing to write home about, but it seems like months since I last drew anything and the rust was quite abundant on ye olde pencil. Velocity has another contest coming up focusing on the bad guys of comics and one of my faves has always been Abomination, so he made the cut. Another gamma irradiated man-turned-monster, who could never quite get the best of the Hulk, though he's done his best to make Banner's life miserable. Don't know why he struck a chord with me, probably 'cuz he looks fun to draw. Of course I found that out to be a bit of a chore tonight. Was going to start with a full body sketch, but couldn't shake it out, so I opted for a generic head sketch to try to get the flavor of the character. Still got a long way to go (not too pleased with the eyes), but it was fun and I'm looking forward to strengthen my line as the sketches progress. The 'rents hit town tomorrow again making this probably the last post of the week. It's late and I be teh tired. Out.