Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Contest Piece - Pencil Sketch

I'll elaborate a little more tomorrow, but just felt like scanning and posting the tighter pencil sketch of my next piece for the Velocity contest. The recent JLA/HITMAN series obviously had a big hand in this one. Not that I wouldn't've enjoyed drawing Abomination, it's just that this one's a little closer to me heart. Well, I've blown the drawing up and printed it out, so's I can lightbox it tonight on the dope ass drawing table Mafus hooked me up with. Hopefully Half Life 2: Orange Box won't keep me from getting final pencils on a piece of bristol tonight and I'll try to ink it Thursday or Friday since we've got a hectic weekend coming up with a wedding to attend and pumpkin carving with Lilah.

Watched BLACK SHEEP (not the Farley one, the killer sheep one) while working on the drawing tonight. An excellent film. Just the right amount of humour and horror. Highly recommend it, but again, I'll elaborate more tomorrow. Onto elaboration...I did have some high hopes for this flick as the trailers I'd seen gave it a nice SHAUN OF THE DEAD kind of feel and I wasn't let down. While the main antagonist was a bit of a prat he played the character well and convincingly. The love interest was darn near perfect in her role as well. A little goofy, vegan, tree-hugger, but with the right amount of sass. My favorite though was the farmhand. He was the embodiment of Ozzy from BAD TASTE ("The old magic's still there.") and stole the show whenever he was onscreen. The gore wasn't too over the top ala DEAD ALIVE (though there is a case of pecker eating) and if you ever wanted to see a Sheep-Man shear himself this is your movie.