Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Final Beach Weekend of '08

Luckily, it was a gorgeous weekend for the beach. Low 80s and the water was chilly, but brisk, and I was able to finally take my first dunk of the year. (I'd've been depressed if a year went by without soaking meself in the Atlantic.) We didn't get down until Saturday, but we had the extra day off courtesy of Mr. Columbus. The beach was stormed Sunday as the weather was a bit sporadic Saturday afternoon — rain, sun, drizzle, sun — so Angie went shopping while I hung with the Princess. Sunday was perfect and we scored rockstar parking at the beach access. Going out of season is a boon ''cuz you're not dealing with all the tourons and the beaches are fairly deserted. There were maybe 5-6 families Sunday and even less than that on Monday. Lilah's good for about an hour a trip, but she seems to enjoy it, though the concept of sand still seems to confuse her at times. (She's loathe to leave the blanket still. Next season she'll be tearing arse all over the beach I'm sure.) We soaked her toes in the surf and she pointed at everybody who walked by — even clapped for her Momma out in the water. Just damn nice to get away for the weekend and absorb as much salt air and seafood as possible. Even worked out a new sketch for the Velocity contest, which I hope to flesh out tonight and tomorrow.