Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nice to have you back, Tommy.

Sorry to see you go so soon. Two issues of JLA/HITMAN wasn't nearly enough for me. All it did was whet my appetite for more Monaghan. Laughing out loud in bed last night I knew I'd be slightly heartbroken at the end and I was. When HITMAN was on the shelves life was much different for me. Not better, just different. It was the time of the PREACHER and HITMAN and when both books fell on the same day it was a joyous occasion. I'd pick them up on my lunch hour, wanting desperately to read them then and there, but holding off until I could get back home. There I'd crack open a Guinness, drain it, and then crack another for reading. For these two books I'd forsake my usual law of reading my comics in alphabetical order (though I'd still read HITMAN first) and I'm loathe to break with tradition, but this was different. These stories were more important than my tradition. These were the stories that kept me going in the tough times of my fledgling adulthood and I miss them because there arent' any other stories that feel the same today. There are stories I enjoy nowadays, but none speak to me on the level that Jesse and Tommy did. Finishing the last issue of JLA/HITMAN made me realize that. Thanks, Garth and John.

Okay, enough belly-aching. Tonight I'm gonna tear apart the studio to see if I can find the HITMAN sample pages I did many moons ago. As I recall I was quite proud of them as I was flexing more creative muscle at the time where my cinematic layouts were developing beyond my regular static ones. Plus, I just loved drawing the characters—especially Six-Pack. If I don't have them here I'm hoping my 'rents do and can send 'em my way. If not, I'll do some digging when we head back in February or a visit. Until then I'll be rereading some HITMAN. Expect a Tommy sketch shortly.


Anonymous said...

you read your comments in alphabetical order?!? dude, you're worse than me with the weird ocd stuff.

signed, your wife

Anonymous said...

I'm with the wife. You read them in alphabetical order?? After two pints, does it really matter what order they're in? Ha!

I miss those great books like Preacher too where Matt and I fought over who got to read the latest issue first.

Mike was the one that always recommended what Comics he thought I would like. Bone, SIP, Preacher. They're all done now. Sad......


Leaf said...

There's got to be order! Just axe Sinestro. He feels my pain.

SIP sounds like just the book to read while drinking. (Though I know it's just an acronym for Strangers In Paradise.)

Matt Wieringo said...

If you're laughing in bed, Angie must be doing something wrong. Oh, crap. She reads your blog! I'm dead.

I miss PREACHER more than I miss HITMAN but it was a fun book and there aren't enough of those these days. At least there's still GOON.

somebody said...