Monday, June 18, 2007

Heroes Weren't Hard To Find

Back from Charlotte and Heroes Con. I'd say it was a rousing success. While I did spend a lot of money I don't think I have any of the buyer's remorse that Mafus over at Ad Nauseum is feeling. (His stack of trades made mine look like a mole hill. The man is insatiable when it comes to half-price trades.) I did score some very nice art in addition to my other purchases. The crown jewel being the top featured piece by Craig Rousseau of Mary Marvel. I can't wait to get it framed and hung above Lilah's crib. I also procured two regular comic pages: a Firestorm page by Jamal Igle and a Thing/She-Hulk page by Bryan Hitch. Both stellar pages that will be lovely additions to the other geek wall hangings I've got going. (I may try to post them later, too.)

Mafus and I also tried our hands at the Quickdraw contest they hold daily. He's won it a couple times before and this time round was no different. He scored a win on Sunday and got a junk box from Blueline. As he said, "The paper and box were the only thing worthwhile about the prize. I wanted another shirt." I was just happy to finish a drawing in the allotted twenty minutes. Maybe next year as I hope to start to make this exercise a daily habit.

It was also nice to go to a con and actually know one of the big dogs. Not that it gave me any status or street cred, but when you can chit chat with a pro and not feel like a fanboy because you've played Halo 2 with him and watched old Hammer films it makes the con a little more enjoyable. Maybe it's just me.

One scoop I did glean from the trip was from talking to Jim Mahfood (40oz Comics in my links). Turns out Food One is doing the relaunch ad campaign from Colt 45. I damn near shit a brick (picture to the left proves that) when he told me that. Billboards and all other kinds of creative madness will soon be out there. There's already a full-page ad in Juxtapoz magazine that I've got to hunt down. Pick up his work if you don't already.

While it was fun to get out of town and mingle with my people it's nice to be home. I'll update this post a little later with some more pics from the con, though I didn't take that many. Just wanted to get some words out on the web. That and show off Mary Marvel. Thanks to the 'Ringos and Mr. Rousseau. For a more definitive rehash of the weekend visit Mafus over at Ad Nauseum. He's got the straight dope.

These pics have also helped me decide to lose some of the chub. Damn that's nasty.