Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Still inking...

I haven't quite finished inking the page below. Changing up the layout a bit. Not much, just losing the top panels borders to try to give the page a little more life and to get more of her hand on the page, so it looks more like the thumbnail. It's been bugging me that I lost that left hand of hers, 'cuz it looked so nice in the prelims. Look for the final inks later this week.

In the interim here's my Gamertag for all you Xbox 360ers out there. Right now I've been playing 'Dead Rising' like nobody's bidness. Still have plenty of achievements to unlock as well as the true ending, but I'll get there soon. I've been through the game once, but still discovering new things and/or places I missed the first time. There's plenty of running around and time limits that hamper some of the exploratory wandering. Now that I've run through it I'm not feeling the bite of time. I was only one meeting shy of the true ending, so's I know I can get there again easily. In the meantime I'll be running down zombies, chainsawing them, lawnmowering them and just plain smacking the hell outta 'em. Very carthartic.