Friday, August 18, 2006

A little validation

Well, I'm officially a published writer now. Illustrator, too. Lucked out seeing as they're both in the last issue of Mudrock Stories & Tales. They'll be changing names and revamping their format come January, but damn was I worried that the issue wasn't going to happen. Then lo and behold there were four issues in my mailbox. Unfortunately, I celebrated a little too much that evening at the pub and ticked the wife off a wee bit. I'm not sure if you can order the magazine at this point during the transition, so here's the illustration that went along with the tale.

Still working on inking. Had an orbital/ocular migraine the other day and went half-blind for a bit. It was a hoot. Also incurred a helluva headache along with it from the squinting. I'm hoping it was a one-time thing. Look for the finished page Monday or Sunday.

Of the comics I picked up this week Garth Ennis', 'The Boys' was the stand-out. Maybe because one of the characters is Simon Pegg. Maybe because it looks to be another good yarn of Ennis' that might help replace that void left by the end of the 'Preacher.' Also I'm liking the new 'Green Lantern Corps.' Maybe because Naru look like my wife, but mostly because the art perfectly fits the title and the storyline has been part-detective and part-adventure.

Looks like Marvel's really screwed the pooch with their delaying of 'Civil War.' It's understandable that they'd want to keep the same creative team, but to push back their biggest storyline in years because of poor planning makes them look inept. But as they say, that's comics.