Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy trails

I'm heading off to Philly for a couple days for some work related shenanigans and wanted to post something before I bounced. Found this old pin-up I'd done for a friend's weird western many moons ago. This was when I inked entirely with a crow quill (Hunt's 102, baby) and sometimes miss the frenetic line I used to get from it. I think I finally gave up on them after ruining so many pages by either having the quill tear the paper or dot ink all over a panel. Sometimes both of those mistakes can be "happy" accidents, but after awhile I hated them as much as Klingons.

Gonna have to find a comic shop up in the Philly area. Hopefully, someone over on Jamar's board can point me in the right direction. Gotta get those new comics on Wednesday. We've got 'FEAR Agent' and 'The Last Christmas' coming out. Remender bringing the offbeat goodness. Possibly the new 'Blue Beetle' and 'Eternals.' To help pass the time away from my lovely wife I may have to score the 'Thing: Idol of Millions' trade, too.

May try to get some airport/pub sketches done while in transit. Hopefully, I'll get something worthy of posting. We'll have to wait and see.