Sunday, July 30, 2006

El Muerto Del La Noche

My Spanish is for shite, but I hope I got the name right. Had the epiphany of an avenging skeleton today by the the name of 'The Dead of Night.' I'll have to work on it some, but the kernel of ideation is there. Look for some more of this hombre soon.

Saw 'Clerks II' today. Can I say that Rosario has jumped tenfold on the adorable scale? Wow. When she's doing the dance on the roof of Mooby to 'ABC' who didn't get weak in the knees? Luckily, the wife already has that look going for her, so I don't feel all that lecherous. Who also didnt' think that Smith's wife didn't need a fucking sammich? I know he's making some money. Why can't he feed his wife? Girl's so skinny just looking at her cut me. Eat something. Damn.