Sunday, July 23, 2006

A serious lack of mojo

I finally get off my lazy arse and go see 'Superman Returns" hoping to be inspired and come back and draw my arse off, but no. For some reason my drawing, heck, my sketching mojo all up and left me. These two paltry examples are the best that I could come up with this weekend and they were a chore in themselves to finish. Ugh. I'm glad I worked through them, but I was close to breaking the HBs in half and saying screw it. I mean look at Supes "S" and is boots. Totally wrong. Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of the comic and the only single issue I own is his "death" issue from moons ago. (Though I do own several trades. My fave being the 'Red Son' storyline.) Maybe next time I'll nail 'em.

Onto the movie...which I enjoyed wholeheartedly. I've heard that it sucked from some, but heard it was spot on from some of the faithful. I found the movie to be a fountain of youth at times. Who didn't feel like standing up and clapping when Superman brought that plane down in the baseball field? You're a damn liar if you say otherwise. That entire scene was everything a Superman movie should be and is. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Kate Bosworth as Lois, though her two different colored eyes are a plus, and I don't think she was the right choice, but she was a damn sight better than Margot. (Though I think Margot had a better ass, 'cuz Kate's is flat as an out of tune trumpet.) Hopefully there'll be enough interest (and box office take) to warrant a sequel that will deal with someone/thing more powerful than Lex. Yes, Lex is his nemesis, but wouldn't we want to see Supes take on a being his level? Tell me Bizarro wouldn't beat ass for the next installment? Or Mongul? Or ?