Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who's side are you on?

With Marvel's Civil War going on I'm sure there's plenty of saber rattling going on in Webland about who's on who's side. I didn't think I'd be taking a side per say since I only follow a few Marvel titles, but the storyline piqued my interest, so I got involved. And by involved I mean I bought the first issue. That issue sold my ass and picked my side all-in-one.

Let me preface this by saying I was never a big Captain America fan. His costume was just too obvious and the character just smacked of proto-simian male machoism that I shied away from his title. In fact the only issue of Captain America that I ever bought was the last one in the Winter Soldier arc a few months before the Civil War kicked off. Well, after the Captain beat the stockings off a squad of specially trained SHIELD operatives because he wouldn't take part in the modern day witchhunt and then commandeered a fighter jet and later took the pilot out for burgers after landing on a football field before releasing him; let's just say the Captain's stock went up in my books.

This is my first sketch of the Captain and I'm on his side.