Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Opted not to ink Elsa and continue on with sketching out some of the other characters. Decided on Argus here as it's been a while since I've drawn a dog. Argus is actually more than a dog, but I won't spoil anything incase I do actually get off me arse and do this story. Gotta work on those eyes though. A little too Hummel with those peepers.

And speaking of story...had an ephiphany last night about the story. I've had the first issue written for a year or so now, but it just wasn't meshing enough for me. It needed something more that was eluding me. Well not anymore. Looking forward to rewriting the story and getting it told. Stay tuned.


renecarol said...

Argus is adorable. I love dogs.. and animals in general. Hope his secret isn't that he doubles as a dragon - that's been done. I watch way too many kid's shows.
I'm enjoying seeing your cartoony takes on things. Its a great style for you.

todd said...

oh, ya gotta love those epiphanies, dont'cha?

and they always give you so much energy!

can't wait to see whatcha got brewin'!

have fun!

Leaf said...

Woooo. First time I could pop my head up in a couple days. Work's been brutal as of late. We're talking Mafus-type hours.

Thanks, Rene and Todd. Had another ephiphany on the way home last night about Argus, so his mystery is solved (though I'm not telling quite yet). Will try to get some of the other major players up soon. Maybe even one or two tonight.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Nice job on the pooch!

This is all starting to get really intriguing. Hope you take this to it's full course!

Anonymous said...