Monday, March 24, 2008

New story sketches

Decided to drop my story 'Nowere' for a while as werewolves seem to be making a comeback like zombies recently. Going with a fantasy/horror type story that's actually probably not that scary, especially since I'm going to draw it in a cartoony style. Been reading a lot of Doug TenNapel's stuff this weekend and the first Scott Pilgrim book and they've helped me come to this conclusion: since I started as a cartoony guy and tried to go realistic I think it's time to go back to cartoony. (More evidence was the recent drawing of Choopie, which was fun and a breeze. I then tried Molly and had to give up as I kept trying to draw her realistic. Decided to draw Big and it went fine.) Obviously I've got a ways to go, but it's a lot more fun without that "draw realistic stick" up my bum. Anyway, this is Elsa Brook and the story is called 'The Vale.' More sketches to be posted as they progress. (I don't know what's up with that top left head sketch. Guess she turned into a zombie on that one.) I would've liked to gotten a few more refined sketches done, but I was dealing with two sick little ladies yesterday. Luckily, they're both feeling better today and are at work and daycare.


Heywood Jablomie said...

This looks pretty cool! I'm up for following this wherever you take it. I like the style too. I'm all about the 'cartoony' thing, I'm actually looking to try to go that route myself. If you caught the Star Wars Clone Wars stuff cartoon network did, and then there's a whole comic run, that's the style I'm trying to shoot for, that whole retro-action thing. So far I have nothing to show though as I'm still reading up, but if the style works for you more go for it!

I'm also digging the style on the new spidey cartoon as well.

'Sides, I think the whole 'realistic' thing will run it's course anywhoos soon.

Matt Wieringo said...

Looks good. Nothing wrong with cartoony. Don't know why everybody fights the impulse. Comics would be a helluva lot more fun if more of them were draw less realistically.

Squeeze said...

Cartoony is good. The body kind of reminds me of some R. Crumb stuff. He likes his women thick thigh'd.

Got 2£ sucka?

Anonymous said...