Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prologue Page 2 Inked

Nothing fancy. Just polished off the last two panels of it. Hopefully it's blatantly obvious which panels I did six years ago and which ones I finished tonight. It was actually kinda fun play with the wolf fur. I was sweating that as NOWERE is about werewolves and if drawing them was a bitch I'd drag my heels even more with it. Luckily, that isn't the case.


Matt Wieringo said...

Poor doggie. Between this dude and Leonidas, it don't pay to be a wolf hidin' in the rocks. Day-um.

Leaf said...

Yeah, but he didn't even touch the wolf. Leonidas is all about hating on wolves. Not Lok. That wolf was already blasted by some piece of ringmeat, but that's kinda hard to tell without the whole story and type.

Anonymous said...