Monday, September 24, 2007

Concussions and the such

This weekend was my friend Phil's bachelor party. Said party started at 1 o'clock with paintball out in Powhatan. I did reasonably well for not having played the sport in nigh on 14 years. I had three or four kills with three deaths and was even the last man standing in one match. Unfortunately I took a couple nasty shots as well. The first one was in the Adam's Apple in the second match, but the doozy came in the last match of the day. Someone broke cover on the opposing team and I was low on paintballs so I decided to charge. I think I got off four shots before I was pelted: two shots in the arm and one just above my mask that rocked me a little. Adrenaline must've kept me from realizing just how "little" it really hurt me. I went home and cleaned up before meeting the gang at Mexico for grub, beer and testosterone. I had two beers and big ol' plate of Mexicali goodness before bowing out and heading home—my head was killing me. I went pretty much directly to bed and slept all night. I woke up with a headache, feeling dull and lethargic. Bending over was painful as I found out playing with Lilah. I powered through most of the day before heading over to Patient First where they confirmed pretty much what my retired nurse Mom thought, I had a mild concussion. Yah!

Still feeling a little blah and dull today, but will perserve on since I'm taking tomorrow off to "finish the fight," as most of us gamers will be doing. Staring at the screen writing this is kinda killing my eyes though. May have to wear shades while I play, if it comes to that. Ugh.


Matt Wieringo said...

DAMN!! And I thought I had a bad weekend. Sorry to hear that, bro. When I play, no matter the temperature, I wear a heavy stocking cap to cover where the mask doesn't. Especially since I took one behind the ear and it almost knocked me out. Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...