Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sick Day Sketch

I've been laid low with whatever Lilah was juggling through her system over the weekend. I tried inking but was a little too shaky, so I just gave up and started watching horror movies. Most were just background noise while reading comics, but THE DESCENT seemed to garner my attention more than the others. Since I was still feeling the artistic drive I decided to give a Crawler sketch a whirl and see what shook out. Turned out better than I expected and it was fun to play around with the lighting. I'd like to feather and shade some more, but I'm still feeling pretty crappy. Mayhaps when I feel a bit better. Until then, this'll have to stand.

Also, Mafus pointed out to me that as of today Zuda is dead. Oh well, I guess I'll still finish what I've started, though now I wished I'd've drawn it for a regular comic as opposed to their web standards. My luck strikes yet again...


Matt Wieringo said...

First! Oh, wait. I thought I was on Ain't It Cool News and I got beaten by a spammer anyway. Rats.

Hope you're feeling better, buddy. And don't worry about ol' Zuda. Just publish it as a webcomic!

Christian D. Leaf said...

For your well wishes, you get to be first, Mafus. Spammer deleted—UHN!

And, yes, The Hollow will eventually show up on the web at some point. Thinking weekly installments to get things rolling and then maybe pick up the pace.