Monday, November 26, 2007

Hit or Mist?

As you can see on Mafus' blog that we took in THE MIST yesterday. As an avid fan of King and of Darabont's translations we had high hopes. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as we'd hoped, but Mafus said pretty much everything I would, so drop on by to read about our woe. (I now realize this title would've worked better if we had actually wanted to see either HITMAN or THE MIST.) Kinda want to read the novella again to set things right in my head and heart about the tale. Oh well. It's like Kurtis Blow said, "Those are the breaks!"

Still haven't accomplished anything creative as of late. The urge has been there, but the time and drive hasn't—close though. So close. I did take out the pencils of an Invincible two-page spread I printed out many moons ago and threw 'em on my drawing table to ink tonight. Need to shake off the rust a bit and maybe some inking would get that artistic fire roaring under me arse. Mafus helped a bit by loaning me a fat stack of ROUTE 666, which I devoured in one sitting. Karl Moline is one talented mofo and if he's not working on a monthly—he should. I was first introduced to his work in FRAY, which I picked up on a whim as a trade a year or so ago. Just a great clean style. His inkers aren't to shabby either, though their names escape me. (Save John Dell, whose name is on the cover.) As is with most things in the comic world the whole story of ROUTE 666 wasn't told. CrossGen went out of bidness I believe Mafus said, which both blows and sucks.

Finished Assassin's Creed Turkey Day night after everyone had crashed. A fun game, but I couldn't see myself playing through it again as I always hunger for something new. Sure, I could've held onto it for a while and delved back in a few months from now, but screw it. There's a couple FPS out there I want, so I traded it in along with three other old games and scored BLACKSITE: AREA 51. Figured it's time to take out some intergalactic bastids. Also scored MASS EFFECT as it's more of a FPS RPG, which intrigues me. That and I had leftover store credit, so I said, "BUCKET!"