Thursday, August 30, 2007

A look at yesteryear: Sanguine

Following in Mafus' footsteps of posting older work, kinda getting in touch with your roots, I've decided to post pages from the last comic I did many moons ago: SANGUINE. Your basic group of vampires taking over an assassins guild story. Had all these grand plans for the tale, but never went any further with it. Kinda lost my taste for it. Too many vampire tales out at the time and Anne Rice kinda killed the true vampire mythos. Oh well. Take a peep and I'll post the entire story.

The art isn't the greatest. Kinda embarassing, but everyone started somewhere, right? Plus, this gets me out of drawing something new since I've lost a little bit of the old mojo as of late. Been down since Mike passed. So enjoy some old school flavor while I await the return of creativity.