Friday, June 29, 2012

Hard to believe Heroes Con was just last week

Feels like it was just yesterday I was strolling through the sultry streets of Charlotte, soaking in the humid atmosphere and bumping elbows with comicdoms elite. Twas a grand time this year at Heroes and not just because it was the 30th anniversary. This year saw the 'Haps crew reunite for the first time in years, plus we had the added bonus of welcoming Eric to the 'Haps family. I'll post pics at a later date, mainly because I'm lazy and they're all on my phone.
Todd's had some horror stories kicking around in his head for an anthology and was kind enough to let me horn in on one of 'em. A dark shadowy tale that involves certain little creatures. It's been nice sketchy up the characters with my old kinetic quill style from college. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect...


Matt Wieringo said...

Hey, that's nice! Lovin' that sketchy style. Keep it up.

By "elite", you mean me, right? You're talking about me?

Eric Henson said...

Loving the Alien! Nice style (I second Matt's comment). Keep up the inking DOMINATION!