Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ye New Man O' Steel

Had the pleasure of inking a Superman page by Eric Henson for a proposed charity comic. Unfortunately, DC passed on the book, but it does mean that I get to share the page with you fine folks. Would've rather you'd've seen it in printed form, but whatcha gonna do? Can't complain too much. Had my mettle tested as it was a rush job and got a nice portfolio piece from a rising star of an artist.

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todd said...

hey, christian~!

matt told me that you had been hard at work on this the other day and then we were so disappointed to hear that dc passed--(i have certainly been there, done that. brother)--but i'm so glad that we get to see it here! that's a gorgeous page! eric's awesome and you make his every line POP!
thanks for sharing this beautiful page!