Monday, September 27, 2010

Afton Getaway

Angie and I got away to our usual B&B in Afton County for an extended weekend of wineries, hiking and breweries. Last year the weather was horrible for hiking, but great for wining and beering, so we were both elated that the weather played pretty this go 'round. As luck would also have it the owners of the B&B had just gone a hike themselves and suggested we give Humpback Ridge a go. Feeling full of ourselves we set out and were promptly humbled by the 40 minute incline hike, but once on top it was worth all that pain. Heck, I even got a bit of vertigo, which was strange for me.

On the trail we passed this creepy tree that reminded me of some poor soul who had recently visited the executioner's block.

One of the numerous scenic overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Del Fossi was the last winery we hit before heading home. The terraced vineyard added a nice Tuscan feel to the place. Unfortunately, rain had moved in at this point, which imparted a more moody feel to the place. Still a beautiful vineyard despite the lack of sunshine. Excellent wine, too.

The mini-vacation was much needed, but it's also nice to be back home with the Dare Bear, who was on the verge of tears she was so happy to see us. (And the same could be said about Angie and I.)


Heywood Jablomie said...

looks like a really nice place to go to. glad to hear you got to relax and enjoy for a few days.

Angie said...

gorgeous. awesome. wonderful weekend. xoxox.

The Dude said...

something new you might want to check out if you like ROM Spaceknight

todd said...

well, again, congratulations on the anniversary and it looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend--the pics are spectacular! of course, the one i'm drawn to is the creepy tree (we have mountains and vineyards here in upstate new york : ) there was a tree like this in the woods behind my house when i was a kid (it's still there) that had that touch of disease or whatever it is that does that, something that gets into a burl of the woods as it's growing and makes it go all twisted and deformed. it always fascinated-- and scared--me a little...
anyway, nice pictures! welcome back!