Friday, May 18, 2007

In keeping with that last post... are a few other key players from 'Nowere.' At the bottom you've got our protaganist, Jonah. Though I may change his name as there are already few Jonahs in comicdom. In the middle you've got Junior Peck and above him you've got his step-brother, Harv. Harv was imagined as Danny DeVito and the Fantastic Four's Thing's love-child. Junior is your basic hayseed looking bumpkin with a heart of gold. I hope to get a little more fleshed out on the comic this weekend as we hit the beach. It'll be Lilah's first roadtrip as well as visit to the sandy shores. The weather doesn't appear to be all the great, but we'll make the most of it regardless.

Peace out until next time.


Brigette Pugh said...

As someone who's read about these guys through a number of drafts, it's nice to see them exsist outside my head. I'm recently returned to blog world myself thanks to a fellow blogger poke in the ribs. Here's to the hecklers! Have fun in OBX -B

Matt Wieringo said...

Would Ben Grimm be the ma or the pa in that relationship? Eww.

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