Monday, February 12, 2007

Embarassing her already

Couldn't resist posting this shot we took last night: Lilah in her faux fur vest. She looks like a little white version of Biggie Smalls. All she needs is a diamond encrusted bottle to complete the ensemble.


Brigette Pugh said...

I'm not sure who're you're embarrassing here, Leaf. That baby didn't buy a faux fur vest for herself! Isn't it amazing how any garment becomes adorable in miniature?

I've got a story due soon and I'm employing our old three-word trick to get me going. If you want to play along they are: draft, tick, and arch.

Ink Blatt said...

We didn't buy it for her either, B. She just lucked into that fine faux vest.

I've been slack as hell with the words. I've got a rewrite coming, but that's about it.