Monday, January 22, 2007

Now with 100% more color!

Just wanted to post this real quick since the parents are here to vist their granddaughter. Mafus hooked me up with some excellent hues and hopefully we can score some comic loot off of our efforts. I'll keep you posted.

Damn, don't those colors just make the image breathe?


Brigette Pugh said...
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Brigette Pugh said...

I was updating my own blog and thought I'd stop by your page. I've already seen the finished color copy of the Hulk/Wolverine piece as you so thoughtfully sent it to Alex (it's sitting on his desk right now getting ready to scare whatever innocent friend comes over to play - not all 5-year-olds are created equally in the freak immunity department,) but it's very cool getting to see it progress in stages. Looks like you've been very busy at the drawing board. We need to get together soon and toss some words around.


Anonymous said...